Guide to Gated Communities: Tamarindo Edition

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So, you’re here to learn a little more about your favorite gated community in Tamarindo? That’s exactly what this post is about. But before we jump in, let’s chat for a moment. 

Hi, I’m Rebecca (my friends call me Becky) and I am so grateful to call the Tamarindo area my home. I live in Mar Vista, a gated community in Playa Flamingo (a bit north of Tamarindo), and I’m very familiar with this scenic stretch of coastline. 

In fact, I’ve called greater Tamarindo home for over 15 years – and I absolutely love it. I’ve watched Tamarindo grow from a sandy beach town into an animated, international community of incredible people, eco-conscious developments, and global influences. As I said, grateful!

Truly, this is a special place to set down roots and I hope to welcome you “home to Tama” someday. But before we can get from here to there, let’s talk about those gated communities. Because your choice of where and which will influence your experience here in so many ways. And I’m talking about a lot more than how long it takes you to get to the supermarket… 

So, with that in mind, let’s talk about that gated community in Tamarindo. About six of them, actually!  Here we go…

Gated Communities in Tamarindo, Guanacaste

As far as gated communities in Tamarindo go, you’ll find that they are few (currently, three!). That’s because much of downtown Tamarindo is reserved for condo communities (towers and townhouses), commercial real estate, and some single-family homes.

So, if you have your heart set on Tamarindo – still on the fence? check out my lifestyle comparison on Tamarindo vs. Playa Flamingo – don’t despair. Tamarindo’s few gated communities combine the convenience and location of downtown with the incredible lifestyle and amenities of a master-planned community. 

And with that said, here are my three top recommendations in downtown Tamarindo, in alphabetical order: 

Tamarindo Park Gated Community (Tamarindo)

Tamarindo Park Gated Community

Not too long ago – recent enough that many of today’s residents still remember the sandy town of yesteryear – Tamarindo was a fishing town flanked by green hills, open savannahs, and large swaths of cattle country. This is the birthplace of Tamarindo Park, a 90-acre oasis preserved in downtown Tamarindo’s ocean-view forests and scenic hillsides

It took 50 years for the Tamarindo Park vision to come to fruition and today, it stands as the newest gated community in Tamarindo. A true eco-community built for and around nature, Tamarindo Park blends modern architecture and biodiversity to create a space where you can immerse yourself in wide open spaces and the sounds of nature, just a 5-minute walk to downtown

At the helm: Richard Müller, one of Costa Rica’s most sought architects, known for his stunning designs that “tread softly” – that promise luxuries and modernity, while also adapting to their landscapes (rather than adapting the landscape to their designs). As they say, why cut a tree down, when your home could hug it instead?

Tamarindo Park Amenities: 

  • Beach Club with beach amenities, a world-class restaurant, and a full bar
  • Club House with a pool & swim-up bar, great views, and a restaurant
  • Spa-Wellness Center
  • Fitness Studio
  • Permaculture Food Forest
  • Onsite Restaurants
  • Onsite Shops
  • Onsite Municipal Park with walking paths, biking paths, and picnic tables

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Tamarindo Preserve / Punta San Francisco Gated Community (Tamarindo)

Tamarindo Preserve Punta San Francisco Gated Community

The only beachfront gated community in Tamarindo, Tamarindo Preserve, also known as Punta San Francisco, is an extraordinary find in Tamarindo. Fair warning, though: Homes in this prized community rarely come available, given the community’s intimate size (only a handful of homes), sought-after location, and beachfront location. 

That said, if you have your heart set, I’m here to help! Because Tamarindo Preserve is a beach lover’s dream, located at the point between Playa Tamarindo and Playa Langosta: unmatched convenience, environmentally conscious design and construction, and oceanside living so close, you can probably guess the day’s surf conditions just by sound alone. 

Tamarindo Preserve Amenities: 

  • 24/7 Gated Security
  • Rare Beachfront Location
  • Optional Membership at Langosta Beach Club, including a spectacular oceanfront pool, cabanas, and restaurant
  • Environmentally conscious community design and architecture

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Senderos Gated Community (Tamarindo)

Senderos Gated Community

At the crossroads of high-end luxury and the luxury of location, Senderos (formerly known as Tamarindo Heights) is born of the “Natural Modern” concept: a design philosophy that marries modern design and natural principles to stunning effect. 

The result is a master-planned community with an eco-friendly soul, where sustainability imbues everything from architecture and design to community planning and amenities. And oh, what amenities! Senderos Beach Club is located directly on Tamarindo Beach and will offer swimming pools, a beachfront restaurant, a cocktail lounger, and more. And that’s just the beginning…

Senderos Community Amenities:

  • 24/7 Gated Security
  • Planned Private Beach Club with pools and restaurants, spa services, a full slate of events and activities
  • Rec Center will be outfitted with foosball, table tennis, and plenty of organized activities
  • Planned Private Valley Club with workout and yoga studios, racquet sports, and a professional staff

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Greater Tamarindo: Gated Communities Close to Tamarindo

Because downtown measures about a mile from tip to tail, real estate is understandably tight; building a gated community in Tamarindo is a little like trying to make room for a whale in a swimming pool.

As such, if you’re willing to expand your search by just a few miles, you’ll find that your options open up. With that in mind, here are my top recommendations (again, in alphabetical order), if you’re willing to look just a bit further afield: 

Hacienda Pinilla Gated Community (Playa Avellanas)

Hacienda Pinilla Gated Community

One of Costa Rica’s most recognizable names, Hacienda Pinilla is one of the most prestigiouslargest, and most established gated communities in Costa Rica. The grandaddy / OG of resort living, this exclusive community is one of the most welcoming and well-equipped in the area – a best of all worlds, truly!

Located just south of Tamarindo, Hacienda Pinilla covers 4,500 acres of historic ranch property, rolling backcountry, and Blue Flag beaches, including Playa LangostaPlaya Avellanas, and Playa Mansita. The community itself is actually home to seven internal gated communities, each with a distinct draw: beachfront Avellanas, La Dulce Vida, and Las Golondrinas for ocean lovers and Los Almedros and Reserva de Golf for the golf aficionados, for example. 

Hacienda Pinilla also shines for its amenities, which are second to none: From its par-72 championship golf course and tennis courts to its hiking/biking trails and one of the region’s most luxurious Beach Clubs, Hacienda Pinilla embodies and defines what resort living means for Costa Rica. 

Hacienda Pinilla Community Amenities:

  • 24/7 Gated Security
  • Beach Club with an infinity-edge pool, fitness center, and restaurant
  • 72-par Mike Young Championship Golf Course
  • Tennis Courts
  • Private Hiking and Mountain Biking Trails
  • Event Spaces
  • Direct Access to Playa Avellanas, Playa Mansita, and Playa Bonita

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Rancho Villareal Gated Community (Villareal / Tamarindo)

Rancho Villareal Gated Community

Just east of Tamarindo sits Rancho Villa Real – not an ocean-view, but rather a mountain-view community dedicated to outdoor living, rugged scenery, and a distinct change of pace, somehow only a 5-minute drive from Tamarindo

Here, backed by forest-covered mountains and lush valleys, this unique community does something else a little different, too: In a place where acreage is uncommon, Rancho Villa Real offers 1.25-acre wooded estate lots, some with ocean views. 

What’s more, the community also upholds an environmental commitment rooted in conservation and natural integrity, which you’ll see in the efforts to protect nocturnal wildlife via low-level street lighting, community irrigation with greywater, and more. I think you’ll also love the community’s resort amenities, which extend to almost everything you could wish for in the pursuit of an upscale, active lifestyle. 

Rancho Villa Real Community Amenities:

  • 24/7 Gated Security
  • Ocean-View Clubhouse with infinity pool, heated Jacuzzi, and indoor/outdoor bar
  • Hiking and Biking Trails
  • All-Underground Services (water, primary storm drainage, electrical, sanitary sewers, and utilities)
  • Community Maintenance
  • 5 Minutes to Tamarindo
  • Easy Access to the Town of Villa Real (weekly farmer’s market, restaurants, etc.)

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Las Ventanas de Playa Grande Gated Community (Playa Grande)

Las Ventanas de Playa Grande Gated Community

Located just a river-mouth north (or so) of Tamarindo, ocean-view Las Ventanas could almost be classified as a gated community in Tamarindo. Technically located in Playa Grande, overlooking Playa Grande and Playa Conchal, this 380-acre private community overlooks golden coastline, the Tamarindo EstuaryLas Baulas National Marine ParkLas Catalinas Islands, and Bahía de los Piratas. Talk about a view!

Like Hacienda Pinilla, Las Ventanas de Playa Grande offers several subdivisions: La Sabana, El Roble, Caracara, and San Pedro (the newest subdivision) and Cenízaro, which is nearing completion. Each neighborhood offers its own community amenities, like an ocean-view clubhouse with an infinity pool and a family recreation area.

What unites Las Ventanas is the community’s eco-friendly architectural style and sustainable approach, which not only complements Guanacaste’s biodiversity but works with it, to create homes that seamlessly integrate with nature. At Las Ventanas, this means cross ventilation and sliding-glass walls that invite the outside in, outdoor verandas, and ample natural light, all of which help you reduce your carbon footprintenvironmental impactand your utility bills.

Las Ventanas Community Amenities: 

  • 24/7 Gated Security
  • Planned Community Clubhouse with infinity pool
  • Nature & Bike Trail
  • Community Organic Gardens
  • Skatepark + Playground
  • Backdoor Access to Secluded Beaches

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Considering a Gated Community in Tamarindo? Or any other town in Guanacaste? 

Considering a Gated Community in Tamarindo

Hi, I’m Rebecca Clower. (My friends call me Becky.) In 2006, I did what you’re either preparing to do or have already done: I followed my heart and moved to Costa Rica. 

Over the years, I’ve strengthened my roots here. I’ve given birth to my two boys and raised them here in Costa Rica. I’ve founded a wildly successful business. I’ve been on TV. I’ve given back to my community. I’ve taken on major positions of responsibility and authority. I am a dual citizen and have completely integrated into Costa Rica and my community. 

Along the way, I’ve become an expert on Costa Rica relocation. And so, for years, I’ve made it my job to help other people make their own successful transitions to Costa Rica life and living. I offer real, honest advice and expertise to my clients. 

I promise not to sugarcoat the hard truths or gloss over the tough parts. I will tell you the whole truth, the full truth, and even the hard truths. I hope that you’ll find the beautiful truths to outweigh them all. So, sign up for updates, download my free eBook, check out my relocation services, and feel free to get in touch. Let’s get started!

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