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When you live in a community as international as ours, you quickly learn that while we may all come from around the world, here, we are but one community. And man, do I really love this community.

As a company and as an individual, I believe in giving back. I know and truly believe that money doesn’t have a whole lot of meaning if we can’t use it to do good things in this world. And so, I’m not afraid to wear my heart on my sleeve and donate my time, efforts, and resources to local projects, nonprofits, and causes that matter to me and to my community. 

One of the most rewarding takeaways from community involvement and giving back? Meeting all the people who do the same! It is fulfilling and heartwarming to work arm-in-arm with my neighbors – both those born in Costa Rica and those who choose to call Costa Rica home – and see their brilliant minds, kind hearts, and helping hands work in collaboration to better this community we all now call home, together. 

Opportunities to Give Back in Costa Rica

Opportunities to Give Back in Costa Rica
Costa Rica is a special place! We can all work together to protect and serve our communities.

We really are lucky to call Costa Rica home, aren’t we? I’ve been visiting Costa Rica since 1978 – my mother is Costa Rican and thought it important that I visit my “other home country” often… guess she was right! – and over the years, I’ve seen incredible changes. And while this place is very often magical, we cannot deny that many people, organizations, and causes also need our help

As I said, I believe in giving back. That’s why, both individually and via my company, Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica, I regularly volunteer my time and donate to various charities. Together, via BWP, we donate to various charitable organizations and have supported over 20 community projects, both financially and hands-on.  

And so, I thought I’d share some of the highlights. Whether you’re looking to volunteer your time, sponsor a specific project, or donate to the cause, here are a few local efforts worth consideration:

Homes for Hope (Formerly, Home for the Holidays)

Homes for Hope (Formerly, Home for the Holidays)

Every year, we spend the entire year working to not only raise money for, but to actually building a home for a family in need. This is our biggest ongoing project – and the recipient of much of our annual fundraising. It’s a project very near and dear to my heart and every year, I eagerly await this holiday tradition. 

If you want to see Homes for Hope in action, please check out Purchasing in Paradise, episode 6, where I am so honored to introduce you to Meibol Paniagua (timestamp: 6:47), the recipient of our 2023 Home for Hope. I am grateful that together, our BWP community was able to make an impact on Meibol and her family’s lives. It makes me smile to see her smile, and that’s the highlight of my day (and this episode!).

Guanacaste Dry Forest Conservation Fund (GDFCF)

Guanacaste Dry Forest Conservation Fund (GDFCF)

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Daniel Janzen at the GDFCF, and I am so inspired and excited by the work they’re doing!

The GDFCF is comprised of an international team that works in the Área de Conservación Guanacaste (ACG), or the Guanacaste Conservation Area, in northwest Costa Rica. Home to 2.6% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity, the ACG uniquely spans from the Pacific Ocean over volcanic mountains to the Atlantic rainforest lowlands, connecting biological corridors and protecting critical (and rare) tropical dry forest

The Guanacaste Dry Forest Conservation Fund (GDFCF) was established in 1985 to support the ACG’s development, protection, and sustainability. Founder Dan Janzen and the GDFCF have become a key partner to the Costa Rican government, managing 169,000 hectares (417,608 acres) of protected land and ensuring long-term ecosystem survival and biodiversity through “conservation, education, science-based management, and biodiversity development.”

It is gratifying and encouraging to see such a diverse team – Costa Ricans and international transplants alike – support various projects, such as habitat restoration, species inventory, and environmental education, while collaborating with local communities and international scientists to protect this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Fuerza Animalia & Barbara’s Animal Rescue

Fuerza Animalia & Barbara_s Animal Rescue

As a dog mom and general animal lover, living in Costa Rica can often present a challenge: There are simply so many cats and dogs in need of our help, and definitely not enough space or resources to help them all, no matter how much we’d like to. 

Enter Fuerza Animalia and Barbara’s Animal Rescue, two organizations which I and BWP are proud to donate to. These incredible local organizations – again, joint efforts between native Costa Ricans and those who choose to call Guanacaste home – play a vital role in the community by rescuing mistreated, stray, starving, abandoned, and injured animals. They provide these animals with the care they need, including critical medical treatment and rehabilitation

Additionally, the organizations also help with spay/neuter campaigns to control the pet population and prevent future homelessness and suffering. Their work not only saves countless lives but also promotes responsible pet ownership and enhances the well-being of our entire community. I am so grateful for their efforts, which ensure that every animal has a chance at a loving, permanent home.



If CEPIA were a book, its summary would describe it as a Costa Rican-accredited nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of Guanacaste’s underprivileged. In practice, CEPIA is much more: for nearly two decades, it has provided educational and labor opportunities, improved physical and mental health, and promoted cultural and social cohesion for the region’s children, teenagers, and families.

CEPIA supports the community through daycare services, after-school programs, an early intervention center, youth groups, psychological and holistic health services, professional training, and a Women’s Empowerment Program 

At Blue Water Properties, we are so proud and honored to sponsor CEPIA’s daycare center, which serves several dozen children aged 2-6 from low-income families. This is a long-term project for us, and our donations help these children receive care and a preschool education while their mothers pursue work or study opportunities. Additionally, CEPIA supports several women small business owners by providing business capital to fund improvements and support their businesses.

Ruta La Paz & the La Paz Scholarship Fund

Ruta La Paz & the La Paz Scholarship Fund
I hope you’ll join us for Ruta de la Paz 2025! I’ll share details, as soon as they’re available, in my newsletter.

At Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica, we’re also proud to be a major sponsors of Ruta la Paz, the Route of Peace Race Fundraiser that benefits our community’s children via the La Paz Scholarship Program.

Over the years, this wonderful event has raised enough funds to provide over 100 students with the opportunity to attend La Paz International School, known for its diversity in education and an enriching, dual-immersion, International Baccalaureate program.

I am particularly passionate about this sponsorship. Both of my kids go to La Paz School, so I’ve seen first-hand the benefits of their bilingual, multicultural education. For the good of our community, La Paz has socially invested in offering an inclusive and accessible education to children around Guanacaste. This scholarship program is something truly near and dear to my heart, and I am grateful to sponsor their fundraising efforts this year

Tsunami Azul – Women’s Fútbol/Soccer Team

Tsunami Azul – Women’s Fútbol_Soccer Team

This year, Blue Water Properties became a proud sponsor of the Tsunami Azul Femenino Club, a women’s soccer/football club based out of Santa Cruz, Guanacaste.  

They are incredibly deserving, as the only first-division team, both here in Santa Cruz and representing our province of Guanacaste. Our sponsorship helps finance the team’s monthly transportation and food expenses (players and coaching staff), on their long trips to visit their rivals, including Saprissa, Alajuelense, Pococi, Puerto Viejo, Dimas Escazu, Perez Zeledon, and Sporting San Jose.

You know I’ll be rooting them on as they compete in the next UNIFUT national tournament! Go get ’em, Tsunami Azul. 

ADIT Tamarindo

ADIT Tamarindo

ADIT is a non-profit community group with the goal of uniting Tamarindo’s multicultural community to advance its infrastructural, economic, social, cultural, and environmental development. They create projects that benefit the people of Tamarindo and officially represent the community, working with local government and institutions to drive progress for the growing town.

ADIT values collaboration, honesty, openness, and community support. Their work includes neighbors, children and youth, tourists, community organizations and nonprofits, schools and universities, businesses and entrepreneurs, government entities, and the local municipality, and the organization has a proven record of establishing and managing successful projects and programs for community development and advancement. 

The best part about ADIT is allows for many ways to help, including volunteering, partnership, and donations. There’s never been an easier way to get involved in our community! 

El Tony Food Truck

El Tony Food Truck

In 2022, Anthony, a member of our local community, became the victim of a hate crime; his injuries were so severe that he almost died. Anthony lost a leg as a result, but instead of this being a story of loss and desperation, Anthony’s is one of resilience and determination to overcome tragedy.

Today, Anthony is a beacon of hope and an example of hard work. As he recovered and adjusted to life without a leg, he found it difficult to hold a conventional job. That didn’t stop his dreaming, though! That’s where we – and you – came in. Anthony’s greatest wish was to own a food truck – and ours was to help get him there!

Together, inspired by and for Anthony, we helped fundraise his dream to own a food truck. We hosted a dinner at Terrazas. We ran a GoFundMe. We were on the Costa Rican news. And WE DID IT! Thank you all, again! Every little bit made a difference. 

Want to Discuss Community Life & Giving Back? 

Want to Discuss Community Life & Giving Back

Whether you’re a buyer/seller, an investor, or a developer, you’re on the right track and in the right place. Researching the market, understanding our community, and integrating into local life are essential aspects of your decision-making process – and your eventual life here. 

Hi, I’m Becky Clower, and the answers to your questions are what I do: I’m a real estate broker, agent, and owner of Blue Water Properties, as well as a real estate investor and developer. I’m also your expert and ally in this red-hot market. 

I have the credentials – the HGTV appearances, the personal experience, the business prowess – to put me on the map, but what really sets me and my company apart is my expertise: I don’t learn from others; I learn for myself. I’ve built over a dozen homes, including two spec homes, and after selling out my highly successful Mango Walk project in just five months, I began developing two more projects: a 16-unit condominium development and a 12-unit commercial project in highly competitive Playa Flamingo.

Bottom line: I offer real, honest advice and expertise. So, if you’re looking for a broker, an agent, an investor, a developer, or simply a trusted advisor to stand by your side as you navigate your Costa Rican journey, however it manifests, then please get in touch. Let’s get started!

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