The Developer Exclusivity Agreement in Costa Rica: Why & When to Sign One

In Costa Rica, exclusivity is not a requirement or, often, even the standard. So I’m often asked, why would (and should) a developer or development sign an exclusivity agreement with a single real estate company? 

I can’t speak for all companies or brokerages. And, certainly, not all companies or brokerages will offer the same level of benefits – your mileage can and will vary. But I can tell you what a developer exclusivity agreement means for my company, Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica (BWP). 

An exclusivity agreement is mutually beneficial: You allow BWP to represent your seller interests in all transactions. In turn, we throw the entire weight of our credibility, marketing, and sales expertise into selling out your development quickly and for top dollar. Here’s how.

The Power of Our BWP Network

Powerful BWP Network

The unfortunate truth is that most developments will not obey the mantra of “if you build it, they will come.” To begin, you need to have the network reach to cast a wide net and find the right buyers for your project. 

At Blue Water Properties, since 2006, we’ve worked to build a vast national and international network of interested and qualified buyers, to help you get top dollar for your property. This means: 

  •     37.7M Website Views Annually
  •     33,223+ Email Subscribers
  •     18,140 + Social Media Followers (across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook & more)
  •     … And a LOT more

This means we have unparalleled reach and the ability to market and spread the word like no one else can. It also means that we have serious experience – and that means that we’re the best team in the area when it comes to analyzing your project, determining comps, helping you set competitive pricing, and more.  

Our vast and deep regional, niche, and development experience builds even more value into what we already do.  

We Invest, You Reap the Benefits

benefits of developer BWP exclusivity contract

Hands down, the most quantifiable benefit to a developer exclusivity contract with BWP is that you, as a developer, don’t pay out-of-pocket to market your development.

Simply put: With an exclusivity agreement, you don’t spend money to find buyers. We do. Obviously, when BWP sells one of your properties, we earn a commission – but that’s standard practice in Costa Rica (as in many other countries). 

What’s more, you won’t pay a higher commission in an exclusivity agreement: The Costa Rican standard is a total of 6%, equally divisible between the buyer’s and seller’s agents. Under a BWP exclusivity agreement, the total commission remains 6%. Our sales and our commissions are based solely on our performance for your development.

In other words, we have a strong incentive to perform.

Marketing Might: The Power of BWP Marketing

Power of BWP Marketing

And perform, we do. In 2023, BWP sold $114,000,000 of property – and we’re working hard to outpace ourselves in 2024. 

Marketing is a big part of what sets us apart: We have an absolute powerhouse marketing team that spans the gamut from branding and professional photography/videography to social media, content, ads, and graphic design

When we work together exclusively, you’ll have that powerhouse marketing team working for you, too. 

We’ll help you define your lifestyle brand to give your development a real personality – one that appeals to just the right buyers – and then, we’ll create content that we’ll disseminate across our marketing channels. This includes: 

  • Development Page: We will create a community page on the Blue Water Properties website (see traffic stats, above), with professional photography, video, content, and more.
  • Professional Photography & Videography: Our team will capture your development by day and at twilight, when appropriate. We will also use aerial drone videography for a birds-eye view of your development. These professionally produced visuals will feature prominently in all our marketing. 
  • Direct Email Marketing: Leverage the power of our email list (33,000+ subscribers) to introduce your property via photos, listing information, and your exclusive Development Page. We will showcase your development in our Featured Community Newsletter and as featured properties in our Monthly Real Estate Newsletter. 
  • Print Advertising: Your property will be featured via a Development Listing Brochure, a Community Guide, and our Area Magazine.
  • Digital Advertising: All our print advertising is also available as on-demand as downloadable PDFs. 
  • YouTube Series: Our visuals team will create a YouTube series, published via BWP, that includes videos featuring your development, community, lifestyle, and the surrounding area. 
  • Blog Posts: We will schedule content around your development, to include a development feature, area resources, and more; this will dovetail with other coordinated marketing efforts.
  • Social Media Promotion: Our social media team will leverage all of your development collateral to promote your properties, community, and location across our social media platforms (see stats, above).. 
  • Targeted Ads: We will generate leads and capture interest via highly targeted ad campaigns across Meta, Google, and YouTube.
  •  Open Houses: When appropriate, we will schedule broker open houses and public open houses, to introduce your development and listings. 
  • Costa Rican MLS: Your properties will be included on the first and only nationwide MLS; it is available only to CRGAR agents, guaranteeing professionalism. 

When you work exclusively with Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica, you tap into our large sphere of influence and considerable marketing power. There’s no comparison. 

Seamless Representation

At Blue Water Properties, our job is to make yours easier. For ease of communication and representation, you will work exclusively with your dedicated and primary listing agent – but you’ll have the sales & marketing might of the entire BWP team powering your sales.

Brand Awareness & Lead Generation

Our marketing efforts are painstakingly curated and designed to build brand awareness and generate qualified leads for your development. 

In addition to green-lighting the necessary ad spend (Meta, Google pay-per-click, YouTube, etc.) to generate a list of warm leads, we also invest in front-end branding and marketing to build awareness, infuse excitement, and create buzz around your development.

I’m a Developer, Too

Becky Clower Costa Rican developer

I speak your language. I wear multiple hats. And, critically, I understand both the development AND sales side of the transaction

There are very few real estate agents and brokers in our area who understand how development works: all the different studies and permitting, the bureaucracy, the everything – how it works and how you even get started. In Costa Rica, it literally takes a village to create a development. It can then take a broker who’s also a developer to sell that development. 

I have first-hand development expertise – and there’s nothing like earned expertise to yield better results. When you work with me, you’re choosing a broker and a brokerage with development experience, so you have the benefit of using shorthand… for everything. You don’t have to explain yourself, every time. Most of the time, you can state a need or a fact or a thought, and we will understand. Immediately. 

It is so much easier. And, from my experience on both sides of this equation, I know that easier is good. Easier saves time. Easier yields results.  

So, when you choose to work exclusively with me and with Blue Water Properties, one of the major benefits is that you’re hiring somebody with a lot of experience and who already knows the ins and outs of this country and the development ecosystem. Your life is about to get a lot easier.

Sell with the Best

Sell with Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica

Time and again, I’ve witnessed remarkable developments facing sluggish or even nonexistent sales. 

Often the key factor lies with the sales team. Personally, I am lucky to be backed by incredible support from my entire team at Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica. And while I may be understandably biased, I’ve dedicated over 15 years to building this business and meticulously selecting my team, and I’m convinced that they stand among our industry’s finest.

This is more than promotional rhetoric: Choosing a brokerage to showcase your development – and then, trusting in them enough to list exclusively – relies heavily on our sales proficiency. Choose a top-notch team with a profound understanding of design, construction, and the development aspect – and a long, proven, and strong track record in successful sales, especially in Costa Rican developments. 

BWP offers this, in spades. Because listing your development is not as straightforward as listing a home; it involves representing an entire community and, more significantly, selling a lifestyle. There’s a depth to it that only those with experience on the development side can truly comprehend. Simultaneously, there’s a complexity on the sales side that developers might not fully grasp.

In essence, seek a brokerage with expertise in both sales and development. 

Transparency + Credibility = BWP

BWP Transparency Credibility

Blue Water Properties is a hyper-local company comprised of Costa Ricans and legal residents only. We believe in full transparency and go the extra mile to educate ourselves and earn credibility through hard work and experience.  

In Costa Rica, real estate licensing isn’t mandatory. That said, I am licensed through CRGAR, as are all my agents. We are affiliated with other associations, as well, including NAR. Here’s how we prove our transparency: 

  • Legal Residents: Every agent at BWP is either a citizen or a resident of Costa Rica.
  • Registered with Hacienda: We are all registered with Hacienda (the Costa Rican tax authority) for the specific professional service(s) provided, always falling within the servicios inmobiliarios (real estate services) category.
  • Registered with SUGEF: We’re also registered with SUGEF (the Financial Institution Superintendency), a requirement for professional real estate agents in Costa Rica involved in significant financial transactions. This registration ensures a smooth and transparent process for the sale of your development.
  • CRGAR or the CCCBR Affiliation: All BWP brokers and real estate consultants are affiliated with either CRGAR (the Costa Rica Global Association of REALTORS®) or the CCCBR (the Costa Rican Chamber of Real Estate Agents). This membership guarantees ongoing education and adherence to the highest professional and ethical standards.

Bottom line: At BWP, we don’t settle for the minimum; we demand the most, both of ourselves and from our credentials. We know what we’re doing and we have the credentials to prove it. 

What’s more, we’re good people. Blue Water Properties maintains and excellent reputation in Costa Rica and we offer you professional representation to buyer’s agents in the area. We play well with others and split our commissions equally, which means that agents from every brokerage are willing to work with us. 

And all this means that we get your property sold, quickly and efficiently, at the best price. 

Ready to Sell  Your Costa Rican Development Quickly and for Top Dollar?

Ready to Sell Your Costa Rican Development Quickly and for Top Dollar

Whether you’re a buyer/seller, an investor, or a developer, you’re on the right track and in the right place. Researching the market and understanding your prospects is an essential aspect of the decision-making process.              

Hi, I’m Becky Clower, and the answers to your questions are what I do: I’m a real estate broker, agent, and owner of Blue Water Properties, as well as a real estate investor and developer. I’m also your expert and ally in this red-hot market.

I have the credentials – the HGTV appearances, the personal experience, the business prowess – to put me on the map, but what really sets me and my company apart is my expertise: I don’t learn from others; I learn for myself. I’ve built over a dozen homes, including two spec homes, and after selling out my highly successful Mango Walk project in just five months, I began developing two more projects: a 16-unit condominium development and a 12-unit commercial project in highly competitive Playa Flamingo. 

Bottom line: I offer real, honest advice and expertise. So, if you’re looking for a broker, an agent, an investor, a developer, or simply a trusted advisor to stand by your side as you navigate your Costa Rican journey, however it manifests, then please get in touch. Let’s get started!

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