Hi, I'm Rebecca Clower.

My friends and clients call me Becky. You could say my story began at birth: Born to a Costa Rican-U.S. family (I’m a dual citizen), I’ve had one foot in Costa Rica my entire life.

Once Upon a Time in Tampa

Let’s back up a bit. Raised in the United States, I purchased my first home just after graduating from college. I can still remember the joy I felt upon becoming a first-time homeowner. It was more than mere excitement; I felt a deep pull to the entire process. I became enamored with real estate and wanted to help others realize the benefits of homeownership over renting. I had found my calling.

So, I did what any ambitious and enthusiastic new homeowner would: I got my Florida real estate license. It was a boom time – the perfect stage to get into real estate sales, new construction, and house flipping, which I pursued in my transitional neighborhood filled with 1920s/1930s bungalows. It was love at first sale.

At the time, I would have said that my story would begin, continue, and eventually retire right there, in Tampa. But my story had other plans and Costa Rica had always been my second home and respite. It was where I came to relax, see my family, and understand my roots. Eventually, I learned how passionate I was about this place, too.

The Transition to Paradise

In 2006, following a desire to live closer to family and an ambition to pursue real estate in paradise, I moved to Costa Rica.

For this, I am grateful to my mother, who is from this amazing country. Without her, I don’t think I’d be here. I definitely wouldn’t be completely bilingual. And my own two boys, who were born in and are being raised here, wouldn’t get to call Costa Rica home, either. Thanks, Mom!

Back to 2006. New both to the country and to Costa Rica real estate, I joined a major international brokerage. For a year, I earned my local agent credentials. I scoured the area. I made connections. And I learned everything I could.

Then, almost in tandem with my first son being born, I founded Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica, now one of the country’s most successful brokerages and the largest independent real estate company in the region.

Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica

Blue Water is more than a real estate company or brokerage: I created a product that I thought my community truly needed. We fill a real hole in the market.

Because selling real estate has always been a passion but my true calling? It’s helping people. Making a difference in people’s lives is something I love to do. I crave this interaction and find true joy in knowing that I’ve helped someone in a tangible way.

At Blue Water, we make it our mission to do just that, with every client interaction. As its CEO and broker, I have standards for my company, myself, and my agents. Those standards are high because you deserve for them to be high. You’re always my priority.

Costa Rican Real Estate, Investment & Development

With this in mind – with a continuing dedication to you, my clients, and to Costa Rica and the general real estate market in paradise – I work hard to prioritize the things that matter. And I’m willing to pour my heart, time, and energy into doing just that.

I’m still a licensed Realtor, a member of NAR, and am now the President of the Costa Rica Global Association of Realtors (CRGAR), where I helped headline the country’s first centralized MLS.

I’ve been featured on HGTV, on several shows including *House Hunters International*, *Beachfront Bargain Hunt*, *Beach Around the World*, and *Live Here, Buy This*. I’ve also created my own professionally produced shows, including *Purchasing in Paradise*, *Dream Catchers Costa Rica*, and more, on Blue Water Properties’ growing YouTube channel.

I develop my own projects, including the highly successful Mango Walk, which sold out in just five months, and two current (2023-2024) projects: a 16-unit condominium development and a 12-unit commercial project in highly competitive Playa Flamingo, home to the new Marina Flamingo.

Bottom line: I’m willing to put in the work and earn my expertise. I look forward to sharing the experience with you.

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