The Most Sought-After Amenities in Costa Rican Luxury Homes

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Whether you’re building a luxury home in Costa Rica for personal use, investing in a villa that you’ll one day resell, or developing a spec home or an entire development, then you’re also interested in current trends, market demands, and buyer needs.  As a highly successful broker – last year, my company, Blue Water Properties […]

Costa Rican Property Management: Investing as an Absentee Owner

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If you’re thinking about purchasing a Costa Rican investment property but don’t live in Costa Rica, then there’s a good chance you’re also considering hiring a property manager.   That’s a great idea. My advice is to hire a large-scale, full-service property management company because they typically offer end-to-end, in-house services (which are hugely beneficial to […]

2023, By the Numbers: What’s Happening in the Costa Rican Real Estate Market?

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There are different kinds of people in this world. I’m a numbers kind. I guess it goes with the territory. And so, every quarter and every year, I find myself reviewing, crunching, and interpreting the numbers. They help me get a handle on today’s Costa Rican real estate market and evaluate current and near-future trends. […]

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