Embracing the Pura Vida Lifestyle: Lessons on Life, Building & Investing

life lessons from Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a way of teaching us lessons – of challenging what we think we know, what we think to be unchanging. Whether you’re here to invest or staying forever, the pura vida is going to serve up some lessons. Some will be hard-won. Some will be unwanted. Still others will be immediately welcome.  […]

New Construction in Costa Rica: Modern Methods to Consider

Rebecca Clower new construction in Costa Rica

Building a home has always been a challenge, anywhere – an enjoyable challenge, but a challenge nevertheless. New construction in Costa Rica is no different, especially when you add the element of novelty: If you’ve never built here before, then you may not even know what you don’t know… yet. That’s where modern construction methods […]

The Most Sought-After Amenities in Costa Rican Luxury Homes

luxury design Costa Rica homes main

Whether you’re building a luxury home in Costa Rica for personal use, investing in a villa that you’ll one day resell, or developing a spec home or an entire development, then you’re also interested in current trends, market demands, and buyer needs.  As a highly successful broker – last year, my company, Blue Water Properties […]

Building with Becky: What to Know About Building on Agricultural Land

agricultral land in Costa Rica main photo

As you have searched for property – especially for building lots – have you ever heard of parcelas agrícolas? This so-called agricultural land in Costa Rica is actually a popular choice for building, even if you have zero interest in any sort of agricultural use. In fact, I built my home on this type of […]

Building vs. Buying: When to Buy vs. When to Build

Build or Buy a House in Costa Rica title photo

What’s the difference between a house and a home? In my experience, home is where the heart is but also, our hearts are rooted in home! It’s both a beautiful symbiosis and an incredibly important consideration, as you move forward in your research on whether to build or buy a house in Costa Rica. So, what do I mean […]

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