Guide to Gated Communities: Tamarindo Edition

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So, you’re here to learn a little more about your favorite gated community in Tamarindo? That’s exactly what this post is about. But before we jump in, let’s chat for a moment.  Hi, I’m Rebecca (my friends call me Becky) and I am so grateful to call the Tamarindo area my home. I live in […]

Destination Comparison: Living in Tamarindo vs. Playa Flamingo

Tamarindo vs. Playa Flamingo comparison main image

Before I get into the differences of life in Tamarindo vs. Playa Flamingo, let me say this: Life and lifestyle are both very personal decisions – ones that you’ll need to make for yourself. Yes, there are ways to compare and contrast the two but ultimately, there’s the very real component of how you feel about which town suits you best.  […]

Costa Rica Taxes 101: Property Taxes, Import Taxes, Income Taxes, IVA & More

Title Image Costa Rica taxes

Benjamin Franklin is famous for having said that in life, there are only two certainties – and one of them is taxes. (I may be paraphrasing.) That was true in Colonial Philadelphia and it remains true here, too: Costa Rica taxes are a part of life. They aren’t always painful, though.  Of course, “Costa Rica taxes” is […]

9 Things to Consider BEFORE Retiring in Costa Rica

retiring in Costa Rica main

Wondering whether retiring in Costa Rica could be in your future? Let’s talk about a few of the start-here, don’t-ignore-them considerations I’d recommend anyone ponder before they begin dreaming too deeply about retirement in paradise. And by that, I mean you. I’ve kept these nine considerations practical in nature because, while our emotions are often an impetus, we […]

Trámites 101: How to Get a Costa Rica Driver’s License

Costa Rica driver's license main

It’s no secret that Costa Rica has a reputation for trámites, or paperwork. It’s partially deserved. But the truth is, you’d have to jump some hoops, cut through some red tape, and do some paperwork no matter where you moved (even if just over state lines). Getting a Costa Rica driver’s license is no different.  I like to […]

Buying a Car in Costa Rica: 6 Things to Know and 6 Mistakes to Avoid

buying a car in Costa Rica title photo

If you’re thinking about buying a car in Costa Rica, you’ve already come across some of the common questions: Why are vehicles so expensive? Should you take that screaming deal you found online? Will your purchase include a good warranty? Etcetera, etcetera.  Luckily buying cars is something I know a thing (or twenty) about. You […]

Costa Rica Healthcare: Public Healthcare, Private Healthcare & Other Options

main image Costa Rica healthcare

For anyone moving anywhere (even one state over), healthcare access and medical providers are always a big question mark. These are the things you need to know. And so, as you consider your move abroad, you’re now wondering – what is Costa Rica healthcare really like?  I’m glad you asked! You can start by taking a […]

Rent vs. Buy: Where to Begin Your Costa Rica Housing Search

Title photo find homes in Costa Rica

If you’re researching, browsing, and looking to find homes in Costa Rica, there’s one piece of savvy advice that often pops up for new Costa Rican residents: rent before you buy. Because, in the land of microclimates, spotty utilities, roads that transition to dirt and potholes, swinging seasons, and real estate that once sat on the market […]

Family Life in Costa Rica: 7 Tips to Help Your Kids Adapt to Life Abroad

Becky Clower Costa Rica family relocation specialist

Are you dreaming of building a family life in Costa Rica? You’re here, so my bet’s on yes.  And if that’s the case, then welcome. You’ve found your way to the right place. I’m Becky and I’m raising my two sons here. The ups and the downs, the good and the bad, the highs and the […]

Costa Rican Residency: 4 Options + 1 New Non-Residency Opportunity

costa rica relocation package

If you’re considering a life in Costa Rica, then you’re likely also considering residency in Costa Rica. They kind of go hand in hand, right?  Right. Because residency affords you a ton of legal protections and benefits, which are essential if you plan to live here (rather than just visit). The question is, what kind […]

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