Retiring in Tamarindo? Start Here: Amenities, Major Medical, Housing & Other Considerations

retiring in Tamarindo main image

Choosing to retire abroad – anywhere abroad – is both a major decision and an exhilarating adventure. So many exciting decisions await! But before you take the plunge, I know you’re doing copious research. And because you’re considering retiring in Tamarindo, that research has brought you here.  Welcome! You’re in the right place. I’m Rebecca Clower (my friends […]

Destination Comparison: Living in Tamarindo vs. Playa Grande

main photo Tamarindo vs. Playa Grande

One of the most common questions I get from clients is regarding the differences between the many towns that dot Guanacaste’s sunny coast. Tamarindo vs. Playa Grande vs. Flamingo vs. Potrero vs. Coco… and well, you get the picture! After all, they’re very close to each other geographically, so what distinguishes one from the other?  […]

Building vs. Buying: When to Buy vs. When to Build

Build or Buy a House in Costa Rica title photo

What’s the difference between a house and a home? In my experience, home is where the heart is but also, our hearts are rooted in home! It’s both a beautiful symbiosis and an incredibly important consideration, as you move forward in your research on whether to build or buy a house in Costa Rica. So, what do I mean […]

Help! I’m Moving to Costa Rica… Where Should I Live?

moving to Costa Rica main image

When you first began thinking about moving to Costa Rica, you likely had an idea or vision in your head. Start there. Always there. Because that vision represents your dream and, while not all Costa Rican dreams start where they began, they are a good starting place.  What does your dream Costa Rican life look like? Get a good […]

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